Cnsrtctn continues to develop our international division through our partners in China, the USA and the UAE, through exciting growth opportunities in new territories. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent set of global management resources, which are seamlessly combined with strong local knowledge and expertise.

We serve our customers in the above mentioned regions as well as other BRIC nations including South Africa, Brazil, India, Russia and the Baltic countries.

Our services as Cnstrctn International are architectural, structural and building services, including consulting, design, development and supervision. We can also act as a technical land and property liaison to International Governments and far reaching Sovereign Wealth Funds on the client’s behalf.

All the services presented our Cnstrctn homepage are available for international projects.

We possess a wide spectrum of experience in designing and commissioning demanding projects in countries, which are not on the standard property markets. Our strong points are excellent and long-lasting relationships with both international and local players in many regions. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of official procedures in the most ‘exotic’ and ‘far reaching’ places including Camps Bay, Rio, Natal, Mumbai and St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tallinn and Riga.

Our customers are international or domestic companies plus local companies representing property investors, wholesalers and retailers, construction companies and public organisations among others.

International Property Development

USA – Atlanta Property Rental and Sales – Miami/LA/NY

We sell property in the USA to high net worth individuals; please contact us for more information

re: Our Sales Portfolio and Partners:

South American – Brazil – CBIC – Embassy

We are assisting the CBIC (Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry), who have a remit to complete the design, procurement and eventual build of several million homes before the end of the Olympics in 2016 and onto legacy date of 2020…

Cnstrctn is in contact with the Chairman of the CBIC, via the Brazilian Embassy in London and we are expecting to negotiate with the Embassy, throughout 2014/5 to gather a series of affordable and prestige home/commercial premises contracts

Middle East – Qatar – Al Natiq – Bethel Group

A Sports complex offering a Football academy, Football training facilities and a community centre for international visitors, a hotel called ‘The Global’, alongside a restaurant and sports bar called ‘The Premiership’, to be completed by 2018, it will be built in Doha as an annexe to an existing Qatari Football Stadium ready for the Global World Cup tourists in 2022.

I also plan on building a new centre of excellence for mobile application training, called the mobile technology academy.  We are establishing have a series of services here including Mobile application and Gaming development  and Trade desk training for Hedge Funds, FoFs and SWFs

Asia – Caravan ES

As part of our Bethel Group partnership in Qatar, we offer prefab and permanent build structures (Commercial and Residential) via  this Asian based company

Africa – Tanzanian Golf  Development  –  Embassy

Our group have been given development land by the Government here to build a Golf resort and Hotel as well as sports/football academy in the region.

Caribbean and Latin Quarters

Caribbean and Latin Quarters property group:

Europe – Hoecker Structures