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You may have noticed news reports and property industry complaints about home builder’s in London and problems finding land to build on, but surprisingly, with the correct knowledge, use of new technology and traditional site hunting, plots can be found in our densely populated capital — also there are some amazing renovation opportunities utilising existing homes and surrounding space. Whether your budget is for a £30,000 makeover, or a £3m new build, these London homes will give you some great ideas (and budget guides) for your own project.

The average house price in London is over £450,000 – £200,000 above the national average – so it is no wonder over half of all Londoners rent instead.

However, home ownership needn’t be just a dream.

*Please note, prices are for the build/renovation costs only — this figure does not include the cost of the land, or in the existing house in the case of renovations.

Eltham: £36,800 Renovation
This Victorian terrace was carved up into a warren of bedsits when the owners bought it in 2005. They took their time to renovate it – restoring some of it’s period features along the way – and managed to convert it back into a light and spacious family home.





Kennington: £78,500 Extension and Remodel
Buying this ex-council house was the only way the owners could afford to upgrade from their pokey flat. The couple are both architects and could see past the dull facade of the 1960s terrace, and the resulting home does not disappoint.




Highbury: £160,000 Remodel
Victorian terraces are popular and affordable, but their small rooms are not well suited to the way we live now. So, the architect who lives in this two-up, two-down has completely transformed the layout of his terrace to make the most of light, space and the garden.




Deptford: £170,000 New Build
This home sits on the site of a pub carpark. After the pub was converted into flats, the carpark fell out of use and was barely noticed as it is hemmed in on all sides. The owners, who were renting a flat just behind it, spotted its potential and have turned it into a small (75m²) but perfectly formed suburban home.




East Finchley: £175,000 Extension & Remodel
The owner of this Victorian terrace had lived in the house for 20 years, but wanted a bigger and brighter kitchen. Rather than moving she decided to improve her home with an extension and complete revision of the ground floor layout.



Camden: £210,000 New Build
It certainly helps to have an architect’s vision if you are building in London, as the architect couple who bought a 36m² plot complete with derelict garage took on what many had overlooked. They worked closely with planning officers to design their Conservation Area home, opting for a modest black brick and flat roof.




West Hampstead: £221,000 Remodel
By using space in their generous garden, the owners of this home transformed the awkward 1970s semi, into a stylish 21st century family home. Extending has added two bedrooms and a remodelled ground floor with a flowing kitchen and living area.




Crouch End: £225,000 New Build
This home has been built on an unusual plot which used to be the site of three garages. The plot cost £150,000, but for a little over £375,000 in total, the owners now have a detached two storey home with outside space.





Islington: £280,000 Extension
This detached Victorian house was a great find in what is a generally crowded part of the country, but the owners felt that the layout didn’t make the most of the large footprint. To remedy this, they replaced a conservatory and part of their garden (another highly sought after asset in london) with a striking glass extension.




South London: £330,000 New Build
Where a garage once sat, now stands a beautiful contemporary home. Architect Jeremy Emmerson spotted a 1950s end terrace in an estate agent’s window, which had an adjoining garage sitting in a space measuring 4.5 by 28 metres. He bought the house and demolished the garage to replace it with this three storey home.




Notting Hill: £450,000 New Build
It took imagination to turn a 5 by 18 metre plot into this stunning home — perhaps helped by the fact the owner is an architect. Built in the Colville Conservation Area, gaining approval for such a contemporary home alongside the classic townhouses should have been much harder, but the Local Authority was keen to see the infill plot (wasteland) be put to good use.




Shepherd’s Bush: £525,000 New Build
The architect who built this home was living in the end terrace next door with his family. The home had an adjoining garden plot which had been registered under possessory title for 23 years, so after some legal wrangling, they were able to gain adverse possession on the 77m² piece of land. They have managed to get a 159m² house onto the site due to the owner’s innovative design ideas and by including a basement level.



North London: £560,000 Extension and Remodel
This Victorian end terrace was almost completed gutted and then rebuilt, with the addition of a beautiful contemporary extension. The architect has completely reinvented the home for modern life, but managed to maintain original features too.




Regent’s Park: £595,000 Extension and Renovation
If you don’t have enough room to extend out, you can always extend down too as the owners of this Georgian mews house did. A small courtyard garden provided enough room for a ground floor living area extension, but they also dug down to create a basement studio which is (surprisingly) flooded with natural light.




Primrose Hill: £646,000 Extension
Aware of rising house prices, the couple who brought this house were not put off by all of the work that needed doing to it. The large house had several bathrooms and extra kitchens squeezed in, making the layout very awkward, but by extending to the rear, enlarging the basement and remodelling, they have created a five storey dream home out of the Victorian terrace.




Kilburn: £700,000 Remodel
This home was previously a rather unremarkable 1960s semi in a popular suburb. Now, it is one of the most stunning homes on the street thanks to a Miami beach villa makeover.




Battersea: £840,000 New Build
When the owners of this home found the overgrown plot hidden behind a hoarding, the council had previously been unaware of its existence. Unfortunately by putting in an offer on the land, it alerted the council who then put the plot up for sealed bids. Although theirs was the fourth highest bid, the owners were lucky to buy it for their original offer price, when the offers fell through.





Highgate: £1,050,000 New Build
After four years hunting for a plot, one family found a dated 1960s home on a lovely street and knew it would be a great location for their new home. They bravely bought it prior to gaining planning permission for a replacement dwelling, but the gamble paid off and the planners were impressed by the specification of so many eco technologies.






Belgravia: £2,000,000 Renovation
If you can find a run down property in one of London’s most sought after areas, then this luxury renovation is the perfect inspiration. No expense has been spared to transform the 1970s interiors of the Georgian property, and it includes features such as a cinema, bar and 10-metre high water feature.



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