Cnstrctn Acquisitions 2011

Cntrctn International enters the basement development arena via a trade partnership with Basement Worx a North American company and basement building group, this agreement allows us to offer our US based clients a basement building service through a reputable company in the region

Basements Construction

Providing a series of Basement developments in London via international and national property investors, we at Cnstrctn are creating a property trust which allows high net worth individuals, family wealth funds and hedge funds to invest in London Basement Developments

Cnstrctn Acquisitions 2012


Cnstrctn performed no acquisitions in 2012, due to concentrating on tender bidding and related business surrounding the London Olympics

Cnstrctn Acquisitions 2013

Window Shutters

Constructional the international home and commercial building developer, has acquired The Window Shutter Company

Cnstrctn Acquisitions 2014


Cnstrctn the international home and commercial building developer, has acquired Thorncroft Tiling, which is a professional tile fitting company for residential (non-commercial) tiling, marble, stone and ceramics covering homes in the area of West London, North West London, South West London, Surrey and Middlesex areas from our West London office base in Northolt.

Cnstrctn is currently negotiating reseller partnerships with service providers in relation to Energy and Power construction industry, we have launched a new division called CNSTRCTN – EPCM3 to cater for this area of the market.

Energy and Power construction

CNSTRCTN – EPCM3 consults clients surrounding mid-stream and down-stream Oil and Gas related construction projects, we are aligning ourselves with construction and engineering groups who provide systems for the larger energy and power corporates, providing commercial industrial services to company clients and will be one of very few companies in Europe who can operate seamlessly across construction markets.

CNSTRCTN as a company has gained an enviable reputation for delivering good customer service. One of the reasons our customers come back again and again is our commitment to them from start to finish. We always have a staff member on hand to offer guidance and support from the initial design to the final inspection.

Cnstrctn Acquisitions 2015

CNSTRCTN acquires 3D Print Homes, which is a R&D project established to utilise 3D Printer technology to create homes and buildings at rapid speed, using a technique called ‘contour crafting’ we invested in 3D Print Homes because we believe in the future innovation in construction.

CNSTRCTN supported 3D Print Homes through a successful press cycle with interviews, reviews and news posted via the Fast Company, Huffington Post, Scottish Construction news alongside 3D Printer news outlets in France, the UK and the USA, we are proud of our early association with 3D Print Homes technology.

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